Hi Everyone! #85 — My Ten Minute Play about a Sad Event in Peekskill

10 minute play cover pageI just finished a 10 minute play about a young woman who dies of an overdose. I’d love for you to read it. Despite its upsetting premise, it’s a positive and upbeat piece. And it’s very short. Check it out here. Stay tuned, I’m trying to organize a reading.

It was a shocking event for many of us, the death of this young and beloved woman. It was particularly shocking in our family. I wanted to do something to memorialize her. And I wanted to tell some truths about how her death was received by different parts of our community.

We’d been seeing a lot of her. She had family dinner with us just a couple days before we lost her. She was an innocent spirit, and my impression was that she was striving to make sense of her life and be open to what’s positive in the world. Other people, including people I love, were much more deeply connected to her. And everyone who knew her, in a sincere place in their hearts, wanted so much for things to turn out well for her.

You can check it out here: Tragedy, Not Unpredictable — 10 minute play by Paul Stark

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