Hi Everyone! #83 — Human Hospitality


Food and Shelter. photo: Melissa Boyer

Food and Shelter. photo: Melissa Boyer

You’ve still got a chance to get in on my very first fundraising campaign. You can help pay for discounted restaurant food for some local homeless people.(

What I really like is people working together for something they believe in from intention and love. I’m realizing that more and more. That’s what first attracted me to the theater – oh so very many years ago – that everyone was there because they wanted to be, and together we could make something so much bigger and more beautiful than any of us could have made on our own.

I want to be a catalyst: to make such things happen when otherwise they wouldn’t have. I want them to happen a lot more, and in a lot of different ways.

One day I said: our church can get it together to host people for a week. And then there were conversations and a meeting, and later a Google doc and announcements and volunteer slots filling up with names. Still later, on Monday night, there I was, standing in a parking lot in Mt Kisco with 25 homeless men and an Emergency Shelter Partnership bus.

I have a lot to say about ESP, but right now I’m saying this: We all like restaurant food once in a while, and homeless people do too. I persuaded two restaurants (Peekskill’s own Ruben’s Café and Peppino’s in Katonah) to give us food at a deep discount. (Important lesson: it was very easy to persuade them.) Then we started to take donations to help pay for it. It went great, and it’s not quite over. Your generous impulse can provide just a little human hospitality to some people who really need it. You can find the fundraising campaign here.

Baby it can get cold outside

Baby it can get cold outside

Service. photo: Melissa Boyer

Service. photo: Melissa Boyer

Ruben's Cafe in Peekskill

Ruben’s Cafe in Peekskill

Peppino's Ristorante in Katonah

Peppino’s Ristorante in Katonah

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