Hi Everyone! #63 — Two New Poems


I’m so glad being in my writers’ group means writing a poem a month. It’s good to be back in the writing poetry business, and I’m pretty happy with both of these. Between Twitter and Google searches (especially since I’ve got “Poems” in the title) I’m going to be getting A TON of traffic and comments and new followers. Which is really very exciting. And if anyone’s interested in commissioning a poem, I am in that line of business.

So, without further ado, here’s the poems. There’s an assigned theme for each poem. The theme for the first one was “borders.”

Across the Neurotypical Sky

Something comes from over there to
into here.

We all try to choose
how much of the world not
to let in.

Once I watched
from across the playground
puzzled. What are they doing,
thinking about feelings,
talking about talking, everybody
in everybody’s business and
taking everything personally?

What kind of common sense
Opts to make things more complex?

They fall in love,
let people cross their thresholds,
their love molecules cross from blood
to brain and everything doesn’t stay
the same.

What keeps the world out of my house?
The ambulance is in someone’s driveway
three lawns over: what fear and pain,
what new arrangements will now be made
I won’t know.

How thin the slice of grace
that there but for it I would go?
Death selects someone else

Newborn and wailing: separation:
the tension’s permanent.
Alone a little alone a lot,
what to change what stays the same.

My skin, my house, my neighborhood –
we hug the edges of where things are still okay.

Everyone longs for something.

The theme for this next one was “broken.” This is a love poem for my beautiful and persevering wife.

Love’s Work

All the world’s molecules will be broken
by the dissolution built into every world
and this one. This world is broken
and me with it and us.

So many parents
have died and lives
and dreams have come apart. It hurts
here, and here. You see my shards
and jagged edges, see the parts
that shouldn’t show.

As the lightbulb leaves the table’s edge it knows
once shattered, it won’t get better.
But we, alive, feel our bones knit together,
savor the deep dull ache that
only healing life allows.

Brokenness cascades through this world.
And life wants more life.
Love works to heal and repair.
Continuing to put things right
is the world’s only love song.

Broken, we sing that song
and build a life
to keep out the dismantling rain.

That’s it! Thanks for reading my poems. I love getting comments, so leave one if you want to.

1 comment to Hi Everyone! #63 — Two New Poems

  • Hi Paul,
    your narrative of “love’s work” is poignant and penetrative, with personal poetic paintings of feelings to capture a reader’s interest and concern of the “broken” epidemic we face. And, by pealing off the “broken part of a fruit adds longevity to its existence and taste when it is done with the workings of love.
    (Note: the remainder of this report will be at our meeting.)

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