Hi Everyone! #41 — Cub Reporter on the Activist Front Lines

Protestors with don't frack signs

Some people acting on what they believe

So I took another foray into journalism last night, covering the anti-fracking vigil at the Mt Kisco, New York Village Hall. Mt Kisco was selected because it’s Governor Andrew Cuomo’s home town. I was nervous when I got there, but I got into the swing of it, talking to people, writing down quotes, getting their names right. I felt like I should have a hat with a “press” card stuck in the band. I’m going to write up a story and get it out there today. It felt good to be witness to a story, and a part of a story. One of the organizers said if I published something she’d make sure it got to the Governor’s press office. I’m not sure exactly what would come of that, but my story would make the event incrementally more politically powerful.

And maybe we’ve seeing, these last few years, the first steps of a citizen’s movement that could actually have some political effect. It seems like the power is so heavily weighted in favor of the well-funded and well-connected energy extractors. But it’s been feeling for a while like a truly populist movement might be stirring. It has to be true that people can only be pushed so far. And there is still the pesky democracy arrangement is still on the books.

No Frack NY

Someone put some time into making this banner

Hearing oral histories about people suffering – toxic drinking water, a husband lost to cancer, a lead-poisoned daughter’s daily seizures – with no champions in sight rends the heart. Back in the ‘30’s people pushed too far occasionally pushed back, and were often met with stiff resistance. But they also had a hero and protector in FDR. It’s a different equation without such power on the side of regular people. But it’s a new problem rather than an insoluble problem. And maybe 80 people with signs and a microphone on the village square on a summer evening is part of a solution to that new problem.

I’ll update this post soon with a link to the story I’m going to write and a resource page.

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  • And I will make sure your posts get to the governor’s communications director, along with the other reports generated by The Journal News,, News 12 Cable TV and tomorrow’s Bedford Record and Review. Please keep on keeping on with your reporting, it is GOOD and we thank you for it and for you. We’re all in this together, growing the movement, hoping and praying for justice. Best to you, Paul, Suzannah

  • admin

    I’m not sure how much I’ll be using my press card, but I do like it. I’m trying to do so many different kinds of work now. Trying to find balance and get more out of the 168 hours a week we’re all given.



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