(How To Live a) Halfway Decent Life


The idea here is I want to create an e-book (eBook? E-book?) called “How to Live a Halfway Decent Life.” This is one of my many ideas. In fact, in 11 days, the first installment of the topic “Too Many Ideas” will be at the top of rotation.

Two first things. One, I’m under no illusions that I’ve led an exemplary life that others would do well to emulate. Second, I am not looking to get rich quick by playing on sincere people’s vulnerabilities.

But I’ve thought a lot about how to live a halfway decent life, I’ve made a number of experiments, some of which worked out *much* better than others, and I’ve researched an awful lot of people and traditions dedicated to living halfway decent or better. Plus, it should be funny.

I want to crowdsource this. I’d like to hear from people about what they think goes into living a halfway decent life. I actually think that this is kind of everybody’s constant background topic. I think we’re always evaluating our choices or how things are going in terms of how close or far away from halfway decent they are.

This is a big project, and I’m going to take my time. I’m going to have a spot on the website where it can be seen coming into existence, kind of like those time-lapse movies of a building going up.

Here’s some first impulses:

Understand where you live and what’s really going on.

Try to live with intention.

Avoid distraction.

We’re trained to follow the line of least resistance. Try to find your own personal line of appropriate resistance.

In a lot of ways, time is the enemy. On the other hand, time is totally on your side.

Try to get unhypnotized.

Clump, bind together.

Recognize we’re living in perilous times, and they’re getting perilouser.

It’ll be a labor of love. I intend to give the best advice I’m capable of, and collect some of the real wisdom of the crowd, on how to live a halfway decent life. If this little eBook can go out into the world and improve a few people’s lives, then their lives will be a little better, and then everything they’re in contact with will be a little better, and that’s a good thing. Making good things happen in the real world is, I think, one important way to try to live a halfway decent life, so that’s why.

Please leave your thoughts in the comments.

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  • That sounds like a fantastic idea for an e-book. I hope you go through with this. Personally, I would add “accepting that everyone’s parents mess them up SOMEhow–figure out how yours messed you up…and get over it.” That was probably the biggest factor in MY life that’s led me to lead the “halfway decent” life I’m leading today. ;)

    Personally, I’ve been working on some fiction for young adults in my spare time. I’m kinda hoping to get at least one of the novels published “legit,” but I also thing that e-books are great (I have one for sale on my website!). There’s so many pros and cons for each method–it’s so hard to decide!

    But first we’ll have to actually write them, am I right? Haha. Let’s not be those people who spend all their time TALKING ABOUT writing and never actually get anything written. :D

    Best of luck! I hope you see this through!

  • admin

    Hi Lauren,

    I totally agree with you about parents and their messing me up powers, and I’d like to quote you exactly. It’s a very long road for some, I know it was for me. Interesting now to want to give this same advice to my own 16 year old daughter.

    Let’s make an actually write our eBooks pact. How long would it take you to finish your current YA fiction if you put a reasonable slot for it in your weekly schedule? Maybe I’ll bump mine up from once every 19 days.



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