My Freelance Business is Up and Running


My Card

My Card

Paying some bills ... by writing!

Paying some bills … by writing!

Here it is. Short and sweet. I’m dedicating most of myself, for now, to making money as a freelance writer. Everything else has moved down a notch.

I will make Northern Westchester for a Better Tomorrow work. The Advice Tour was a huge and very heartening success. NW4BT is still my best guess about right action at the intersection of me, what I’m good for, and what the world needs now. I know I can make it work.

My freelance revenue will cover the revenue NW4BT was already supposed to be already generating. And might well have been generating it, if I hadn’t spent four of the last eight months in bed with sciatica. Hard to say and nevertheless. Fact is, I can’t keep working hard for no money.

So now I’m working hard for money. Doing what I’ve often done during the last 35 years –getting paid for doing writing.

I am not abandoning the NW4BT initiatives. (here, and below.*) I’ll be keeping them alive while I ramp up the freelance business.

I’ve been writing lately for free.*

I’ve been paid for producing many different kinds of writing in the past.*

And for the next bit of the future, I’ll be getting paid for different kinds of writing.*

One things leads to another ...

One things leads to another …

You can help. I’m asking.

Maybe you could use some high quality professional writing yourself. Ghost writer for your blog? A guerilla resume? Your website? Maybe you have an idea, a suggestion, a brainstorm.

Or maybe there’s something at work. How about a weekly blog and social media package? Website upgrade? A speech or an article? Some marketing material?

Maybe you know someone. Someone at an online or traditional media outlet? Someone who’s been talking about a project that could probably use some splendid writing? Someone who’s planning to completely redo their website (or should be)? A working writer who might give me a lead or a clue?

A lot of you know my values and the work I’ve done. The plans I’ve been building foundations for. I’m turning to you, my community, for help in getting through this transition. Please seriously consider keeping in your mind, or somewhere in the back of your mind, my high-quality, professional, and battle-tested freelance writing skills.

* End Notes

Writing for the web needs to be short and sweet. So I moved a lot of the supporting material down the page to this footnote section. You can also learn about me on Facebook (here) Twitter (here), the World Wide Web ( is here), Northern Westchester for a Better Tomorrow’s website ( is here) and Westchester People for Bernie’s Facebook page (here.)

The back of my card

The back of my card

What I’ll Write for Money Now

I’m versatile, experienced, professional and ready to work.

I’d like to find a couple anchor clients. Someone who can afford to pay for excellent writing and needs regular, weekly work. Writing for a company intranet, or website, or blog. I can write press releases, and articles, and marketing and publicity pieces. I can design and execute social media campaigns. I can write newsletters.

I have a track record working for agencies that provide writing as part of their deliverables. Ad agencies, PR firms, or website developers that need high-quality writing and may not have staff to do it.

I’d love to do some political writing. I’d love to write freelance for local media. I’d love to have someone pay for a column modeled on “I Cover Northern Westchester Activists and Progressives.” (Read all my columns so far here.)

I would really love to write articles about the issues closest to my heart and find outlets that will pay me for it, online or off.

I can help you take your business to the next level with marketing pieces, blogs, publicity, ads, client communications, and social media. If you’re ready for a growth spurt, I’m ready to help.

I can ghost write a book on just about any topic. I can also do editing for most types of writing, including academic writing.

I also have some special packages aimed at individuals:

Memoir package: 2 hours of interview time, a transcript and a well-written summary or short story. $175 Also available: a professional photographic portrait in a frame with a few well-selected sentences or quotes.

Guerilla Resume: Phone interview, punchy branding messaging, appropriate eye-catching graphics. $75. Other personal branding services: cover letters, online profiles, business cards.

Social Media Package: Each week 1 blog post, 3 Facebook posts, 7 Tweets. $125.

Current prices are very affordable and they won’t last. I’m looking to build up my portfolio and clientele quickly.

Trying to make a living ...

Trying to make a living …

What I’ve Already Written for Money

So many things. I wrote all the copy for a number of commercial websites. I did publicity and marketing materials for local businesses. I’ve written communications systems for a client in the finance business. I wrote two books and ghost-wrote a third. And a boat-load of web content articles (including the classics “A Sump Pump that Connects to the Internet” and “Low Sodium cooking for the Diabetic”). I wrote articles for Encyclopedia Britannica (including the classics “Slime Molds” and “Fats, Oils, and Waxes, Production as Food) which were translated into Japanese. I wrote poetry on commission, resumes, and letters. And that’s just a bare whiff of what I’ve been paid to write.

I created a bunch of small jobs and marketed them over the internet. I worked a lot and didn’t make much money, but I got some portfolio pieces and a few steady clients. I offered a service producing multiple pieces for personal branding, including guerilla resumes and profiles. I also wrote affirmations and poetry on commission.

Writing the people's news

Writing the people’s news

What I’ve Written for Free

I’ve been writing forcefully about citizen fights against fracking and methane infrastructure. I’ve been publishing my blog, on an occasional basis, for some years now. Including the recently inaugurated “I Cover Northern Westchester Activists and Progressives.” I’ve written some press releases for environmental and political events. A one act play about the final performance of two young stand-ups who take their climate change comedy act on the road. And a whole theatrical afternoon about climate change which was performed once and might be performed again. I recently founded the Westchester People for Bernie Media Center.

I’ve been reading, learning, meeting people, and writing to help people working for a better world as best I can. I’ll keep writing for free when I can, and I will find a way to get paid for writing what I most want to write. It’ll take some doing but I will get there.

What does democracy look like?

What does democracy look like?

What NW4BT will be doing

I won’t stop working for NW4BT completely. I’ll just be cutting back my hours. (See the full menu of initial projects here.)

I’ve added a new first project: fundraising for the Emergency Shelter Program. It’s an interfaith project that for the last 11 years has housed and fed 25 people over our increasingly brutal Northeastern winters. Most of the people they help work, and work hard, in the warmer months doing yardwork and landscaping right here in Westchester County.

This project is worth doing to strengthen ESP. It’s also a valuable skill building exercise. I’m going to talk to businesses about donating sleeping pads and winter clothing, or selling them at cost, I’m going to gain experience with crowdfunding and publicity and getting press attention. And I’m going to make my first efforts in getting advertising people and other communications professionals to donate some of their time and talents for a good cause.

And all of that’s going to be good preparation for This Day in Civil Rights. This will be a web-based data application which, for every day of the year, will contain descriptions, personal statements and links to further resources about events and people across the whole spectrum of civil rights struggles – not just the ‘60’s, but women’s rights, native rights, labor rights, gay rights and all the other work that’s been done, mostly by ordinary people whose names are lost to history, so the world would be a better place for generations as yet unborn. Nearly all the work for TDICR will be done by young people in Northern Westchester. And there will be educational support: study guides, assignments (do a three minute presentation on something in civil rights history that happened on your birthday), extra credit for working on the project, teachers’ guides.

Both these projects will involve seeking out pro bono advertising and PR opportunities. I haven’t forgotten Little House on the Planet – I’ve even talked to a few people about working on it. And I still want to organize some community events.

2 comments to My Freelance Business is Up and Running

  • susynow

    I want to read about Slime Mold. Where is this written? I truly wish to read your scientific writing! Do you have a link? Or do you have a copy of the article? You are so versatile and amazing~

  • David McCarthy

    Hi Paul: met you a few times in connection with the HV Current project. That is going well; over 200 members. We’re still in a sort of beta phase, no big publicity push yet.

    Anyway, was just up early and saw your freelance writing page via FB. You present yourself well. Hope it is working out for you. I, like you, gravitate towards service oriented stuff and work that is VERY hard to make pay! I have a book coming out very soon called Civil Endowment: The Transformation of Economic Power. It’s basically 15 years of my inner work in economic theory. Publishing it myself (I’ve been doing Buddhist-related publishing for many years.) If you want a review copy of the book, let me know.

    I’ve got a lot of projects going on aside from HV Current and my writing (about which, I regret to say, I don’t have expectations for significant income). Recently have become re-interested and re-energized around the realm of tech and business startups, and have started to attend meetups in that area. (I’ve been part of a small, dicey, web startup project for a number of years.)

    Anyway . . . had no intention of writing this much . . . guess I’m a writer after all. ~~David

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