Life So Far: You Could Win One of Three Oral History Packages



The big news: I’m giving away three complete oral history packages that would usually cost $250 each. Send me, before Wednesday December 9th, 50 words on why you’d like an oral history for yourself or a loved one. You could be a winner.

lsf_big_cr_300Earlier this year I had a very good idea. About a kind of freelance work, a service to create oral histories. Someone wants to tell her story, or his story. Or a loved one wants to make sure the story’s told. And I’ll be there. So many people have lived so many lives, all that truth and experience and living locked up inside is tremendously valuable. Sometimes the stories end up being lost and that’s a dreadful waste.

I’ll conduct an interview (better yet: interviews, with time in between). Deliver a transcript and an audio file, put it in a private place on the web. Most important: apply what I’ve got – my listening heart, my poetic self, my writing abilities – to compose a story – an impression, a montage – that captures the life’s essence. As best I can, but that’ll be pretty good. Everyone I talked to said it was a great idea.

Two hours of interviews and a transcript. Take the story in, mull, find the red thread, write it, rewrite. Figure 10 hours. So, $250. At a realistic freelance rate I’d have to charge a lot more. But it shouldn’t be just for rich people. Drawing out people’s real stories and then retelling them will be so heart-nourishing that the money will be enough.

I’m very excited to get started. Send in your entry by replying to this post, or on my Contact Page or send an email to Entries accepted until Wednesday, December 9th. Histories will be taken in Northern Westchester.

Learn more about Life So Far at my freelance writing site, The Life So Far Page is here.

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