Freelance Guy – What a Difference 38 Days Can Make

Freelance monk writing

Freelance monk writing

Freelance Guy’s come around again in the 19-topic rotation. His installment today is about what a difference 38 days is going to make (when he appears again, 19 topics 1 every other day = 38 days). If all goes well, we’ll get a report on September 6th filled with news of significant progress and results. Freelancing so far has gone pretty well. I’ve done a lot of writing, acquired some regular clients, and started to make some money. I’m feeling like I’ve achieved some proof of concept: People will pay me to write. Initial results indicate I’ll get a positive reception from the world as I take on new kinds of writing for money, and approach the enterprise in new ways.

If you’re within the sound of my voice, from border to border and coast to coast and all the ships at sea! I’m looking for people who want to be part of the process. Don’t hesitate to act, decisively, if you feel a helpful impulse. If you have a story idea, if you know someone, if you have some free advice, if you know about a publication, a company, a person with an unmet communications need and some money to spend, please! Let me know, get in touch, mention me, talk me up, retweet me, send a link to my website to someone you know, to everyone in all your network.

You won’t be sorry. I’m a very good writer. I know a lot of things about a lot of things. I know how to work hard, work professionally, exceed expectations and deliver on time.

This is a big step and everything, except the writing itself, feels like a giant step. Meeting the people, promoting myself, making myself visible and therefore vulnerable. I’m doing it. I’ve decided and I’m not turning back. And anyone who can help in any way, boy, I’d appreciate that.

This week’s major goal is to get my website ready for prime time. So I can invite potential clients over to take a meeting or a look. I will be remembering that the perfect’s the enemy of the good. It’s going be different from perfect. And it’s going to be a real beginning. However much internal resistance I’m met with, my website will make its official debut at the end of the week.

Here’s what’s going into the career, and therefore into the website.

Individual Commissions I really like writing something that will make a real difference in one specific person’s real life. I’ll be offering resumes, branding consultations, poetry, audition pieces, affirmations and character sketches. So far, I’ve loved doing just about every project like this I’ve taken on.

Writing for the Web This is where the bulk of my freelance experience has been so far. General web copy and quality content, as well as twitter and other social media campaigns, and blogging. This kind of work has the advantage of leading to longstanding professional relationships.

Writing Articles This how I always pictured myself when I imagined one day being a professional writer (except for brief moments when I imagined myself a professional playwright and poet, imaginings that lasted as long as it took me to remember that there’s only about six of them, and that’s long odds). There’s a lot of things I’d like to write about, and I’ve been developing a pretty extensive collection of story ideas. I’d love to have this be a part of what I do for a living – researching, interviewing, developing, going out into the world to meet and see – and I’m now all about finding ways to make it happen, including finding markets and making new relationships with editors and other writers.

There must be people who've never seen or heard a typewriter, you know?

There must be people who've never seen or heard a typewriter, you know?

Freelancer comma wealthy

Freelancer comma wealthy

Work for Hire Once I’ve got something a little presentable online I’m gonna start pitching myself to agencies and PR firms. I can definitely do corporate writing, I can write copy, and I can write to order in a variety of styles and genres. Plus, I have a daily affirmation that says, “More and more people will be happy to see me, hear from me, work with me,” so I’m figuring now’s the time to make that come true. I’m also interested in finding small local businesses I can believe in and help them with their communications, PR and marketing needs.

I’ll be making periodic progress reports on the development of my freelance career. And expect a “Hi Everyone!” on the debut of my new website. And stay tuned for surprises and special announcements.

Full disclosure: This post started like this: I wrote this already and it’s nice, but I wrote it on the porch during the rain storm at the nice coffee place on my pad of paper, and I still have to type it. But now it’s time for my Saturday night date with the fetching Mrs. Stark, frisky wife that she is, so you’ll have to content yourself with these clever pictures for now.

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