Feelings! #2 — Did You Hear the One About the Election?

Can you find the feeling you're having?

Can you find the feeling you’re having?

I think I had a delayed reaction to the election last week. I often have emotional reactions a week or two after a traumatic event, as if I’m repressing my own responses until I make sure everyone else is okay. If you know what I’m talking when I call the election traumatic, I don’t have to tell you. If you don’t know what I’m talking when I call the election traumatic, I’m surprised we know each other, but, tell me.

Regarding the trauma of the election, here’s one recurring thought, as I articulated to Mattathias Schwartz yesterday:

I think the increasingly bitter lesson we’re all going to learn from here until eternity, is that we have to find a way to make lemonades out of these very sour lemons. Try to find the silver linings of kleptocracy and a biosphere unable to support 10% of the life it used to. You know, etc.

Our country’s lurch toward fascism is going to lead a lot of people to drop some measure of nonsense, reaffirm their core values, and come together in small groups for protection, mutual support, resistance, and survival. It’s definitely leading me.

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