Feelings! #1 — I don’t know what’s going to happen

Nothing more than ...

Nothing more than …

So, feelings. I’m happy the Dakota Access Pipeline has been stopped, at least for now. Every victory achieved by people standing up and standing together fills me with hope that we will beat the odds. I know January 20th will change everything, and it will be interesting to see what happens if they continue laying pipe without the easement. But something happened, enough political force was generated to be noticed and responded to. That’s cause for hope. And it’s not over.

I’m frightened by our government’s impending lurch toward fascism. I’m dreading there will be catastrophe in our futures. I’m grief-stricken at all the devastation that’s happened, is happening, will continue to happen.

Sometimes I’m overwhelmed with frustration, hopelessness, despair. But it’s the mood of a moment, sometimes half a day.

It doesn’t last long because, against all reason or not, I maintain a stubborn faith that it’s possible to make a positive difference, and I’m one of the people who will. I’ve been considering the questions of What to do, How to be one of those people, for more than forty years. It’s a moral imperative, but it’s also an engineering problem, with considerations like leverage, inspiring people, force multipliers, emotional and psychological insight, timing. When I remember that’s what I’m doing, I’m reminded that I am, among other things, a calm, confident, loving, and capable man.

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