Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s your deal anyway?
I was one of those people with potential. Not much of that potential has been realized, though I’ve managed to preserve most of it, which is a victory. I’m in a big hurry now to realize as much of it as I can.

And so you’re trying to do that by doing what, exactly?

Writing is a big part of it. I’m writing for money, I’m writing for politics and I’m writing creatively. I’ve written articles and websites and poems and twitter campaigns, I’m starting up a resume business and a poetry by commission business right here on this website. And the blog, of course.

And the not-writing part?

I’m a strong believer that the only way we’ll end up with a working future, is to build “a loving, responsible and healthy community.” And every morning I affirm that “I am going to help create” one. That means making things happen in the real world with other real people. Even I don’t try to do actually everything all at once, but you’ll be able soon to find some inklings of what I have in mind on the Projects Page.

Isn’t it true that by trying to do so many different things, you won’t be able to do any of them well and it will just be one big muddled failure?

That’s what you say. That’s not what I say.

Do I really have to hear all about your things and stuff?

Digesting what’s happened to you, understanding and mastering it, is one of the chief tasks of being human. And so much else depends on it. But the answer is, no you don’t. You can skip it. But yes, the ostracism in grades 4 through 9, the time before, my time in the “high demand group” and the time after, is going to be included. I can’t do what I want to do without doing that. I hope it’s interesting or useful to someone. It might not be interesting or useful to you, and that’s fine for both of us.

Why in such a hurry?

Since the middle of high school that I thought I could be a writer. Later I was sure of it, but I didn’t really have much to say, I couldn’t write something I wanted to read, and I didn’t have the personal “stuff” to be any use as a writer. I set out to acquire some “stuff.” Since then I set about deliberately trying to acquire some personal seriousness and internal weight, and I feel ready, have felt ready. As Ezra Pound told the 18 year old W.S. Merwin, at that age he had nothing to say, but it was important to write daily. I didn’t write daily. I did non-writing things. I’m now years behind in learning how to actually write. So, I’m racing the clock. And, like all of us, I’ve only got so many years left. So, I need to type faster (Asimov).

If you’re all like “potential” and “creative” and talking about W. S. Merwin and Ezra Pound, why would I trust you with any of my business writing needs?

Boy, great question and important question (said Mitt). Because I’ve got a knack for it. Because I can’t stand to do less than a great job no matter what I’m doing. Because if I don’t have happy clients, the whole thing falls apart and I won’t get to do anything else. Because the impressive testimonials you’ll find on the writing pages will inspire confidence. And because you’ll get really good stuff that’s exactly what you want or better, and you’ll be supporting other work, and so you’ll get a good feeling.

Can I come back and ask other questions?

Of course you can.