Depraved Indifference, The Musical!

Musical Theatre

Hey, let's put on a show!

The story of a group of Westchester grownups creating a musical called “Depraved Indifference” about corruption, misery, and our first world privileges.  It’ll be hilarious and fun and will have some great songs.

This will actually happen in real life.  I’ll put together a kickstarter campaign.  Whatever, a staged reading and some songs.  Proof of concept, a start, looking for an angel or two.  I’m going to get local musicians to write songs, start doing some of the music in their shows, maybe a cabaret, maybe an improv class to develop material.  Hey! Look! is available!

Here’s some stuff that could maybe be in it:

social justice training

Where's Lefty?

This’ll be hilarious. Open pretty soon in case there’s no January of 2013 to push things back until.

Hey, I’ve got a degree in theatre too! No way! Way!

An Arab Spring?  How about an American Spring?

Are we going to spend our whole lives missing the 60’s?  Because one of the George Bushes told us it was charming and everything but it just didn’t work?  Did you know 75,000 people just marched in Chicago?  Abortion’s de facto illegal in Mississippi?  Michigan’s revoking whole swaths of inconvenient democracy?

We are underutilized resources.  All of us 50, 60 year old women, battle scarred by raising children and living in the suburbs.  And a few men, no doubt.  If we were to get organized, all behind the same thing, Jesus, what couldn’t we do?  We’ll do cause marketing and not carry pictures of Chairman Mao.  The proceeds from tonight go to endowing a chair at WCC in Thinking for Yourself.

We’re all over the place.  What about all those MoveOn people?  I get their emails.  They’re gonna be psyched for what about all this injustice and all like that.

And it’ll take us back to when we really loved the theatre.  When you gotta go, they’ve gotta take you in, right?  Painting a set near a girl is different than never talking to one.

We can make it snap into focus, like even Westchester Magazine doesn’t.  Not that Best Bagels during an Oil Change isn’t a real thing.  It makes me crazy, this whole first world, excess capacity out the whatsit, Christ, and what’s it for?  Let’s get some investors and do this thing, stop embarrassing ourselves.  Oh, look, I’m doing Green Ardsley-on-Hudson.  Gimme a place, gimme an emotion, that’s entertainment!  Let’s make this thing happen, let’s crowd source the fucker, get the social media thing going on.  Aren’t there any 22 year olds still living in the county?  Even if you’re living with your parents, you can still want to do something.

And it’s a musical, right, people come out of the theatre humming the tune.  How hard could that be?

Start it off as a one-act, modest, attainable, proof of concept.  Where are all these private equity guys I keep hearing about?  I’m sorry, get all us middle aged people on the road, put on a show, a little seltzer down your pants.  Vivid, particular, make an impression.  Hey, I was in an improv troupe, just like Second City, we had a guy who got the real training.  In Chicago!  You don’t lose that.  Love of craft, okay?  Technique.  Don’t block.  No doesn’t go.

There’s a hunger for a real musical.  People are hungry they don’t know what for, hungry ghosts, eating all the wrong things.  We want to hear the truth told, all of it, out loud, all together, no apologies and no evasions.  So, yes, make it a musical, make it a comic book, make it a website, make it an art show.  Really.  Make a joyful noise unto the Lord in the blogosphere, in the local press, in the interfaith council, in the buzzosphere, the Twitterverse.  Get people motivated, hand out mousepads, put people in front of supermarkets, get people to sign petitions.  We demand the city council tell each citizen greed and lying is bad.  We think policies and money and people’s attitudes should be twenty times better.  No, a hundred times better, sign right here.  Get a picture in the paper.  Improv Everywhere just as long as it’s in the theatre in the library? No, we’re a musical, but we’re more than that.  We’re a flashmob, we’re a crowdsource, we’ve had enough.  We’re a Happening.  We’re Performance Art.  We’re an Encounter Group.

There’s a Sufi story, weren’t you scared in the storm knowing there’s only an inch of planking between you and your death?  No, usually there’s a lot less.  If we’re not all going on 12/21/12, it won’t be that many more decades until we’re gone.  Is this all we’re going to do, what we’ve done so far?  Because we believe in what, we stand for what, we’ll make an effort, take a risk for what?  For the next episode of House?

Look, we’ve got this whole county, one million people.  (refrain) and Putnam!  and Dutchess!  Oh yes, but this could be fun.  Pick a little, talk a little.  Sue’s going to mobilize the homeschoolers.  There’s a whole study packet all about Danny Democracy and how much he loves the little children.  And the yoga people, the holistic people, the crystal people.  Herding cats, but still.  Here we go.

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