Why I’m Voting for Robin Laverne Wilson and You Should, Too


Here's Robin!

Here’s Robin!

Robin Laverne Wilson is the Green Party’s candidate for New York’s Senate seat. She’s running against Chuck Schumer. I’m voting for her. You should, too. Especially if you oppose the pipeline, but also if you value our political future.

Chuck Schumer will win. Robin Laverne Wilson will not win. Voting for her as a third party candidate will not be a vote for Trump.

While we’re talking: If you vote for the Green Party for President, Trump will not win New York. Seriously. Trust me. FiveThirtyEight is brilliant at this, and they give Clinton a 99.8% change of winning New York (). If you are, unfathomably, worried that not voting for Clinton puts the nation at risk of President Trump, then please, at the very least, as the Nation recommends, Vote For Hillary Clinton On The Working Families Line In New York.

This dispiriting, despair-inducing, and fear-addled presidential race was brought to us by the Two Major Parties. It’s not going to get better by itself. The Green Party hasn’t been much a presence in Northern Westchester and that needs to change. Voting for the Green Party isn’t throwing your vote away: it actually makes a bigger proportional difference than anything else you might do with your vote because when the Green Party gets a high enough percentage they’ll get public funding and ballot access. Let’s create a Green Party spike right here in Northern Westchester! If not President, at least for Senate, Your participation in the Green Party can have a proportionally enormous effect.

After I vote Robin Laverne Wilson I’m driving north to the NY 19th to drive Zephyr Teachout voters to the polls. If you’re not a fan, you should be. She’s in an *extremely* close race for U.S. Congressperson. You should also drive Zephyr Teachout voters to the polls. Visit to learn how. In all the ways you might leverage your day’s worth of time and effort tomorrow, helping her win is close to the theoretical maximum.

Here’s what Robin Laverne Wilson has to say on

While we are distracted by the presidential battle between a sequel and a sh*tshow, incumbents like Sen. Chuck Schumer coast under the radar and bolster the same agendas that line their pockets by selling their constituents down the polluted river. He has been in office since 1999, slated to become the next Minority or Majority Leader and is the darling of Wall Street.

And this from her poem, “When I Am Our Senator”

When I am our senator,
We will transform this world
Blanketed with
ignorance and
by capitalism
and scapegoated
by self-hatred.

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