Building a Better Tomorrow #5 — Advice Tour Week 3


And such an Advice Tour. I’ve had 10 meetings since my last update, and I’ve gotten so much valuable advice my head is literally spinning. Okay, my head is figuratively spinning. And every person has given me advice I’m planning to use. Which is pretty cool. I’ve got people down in the City and up North who have agreed to meet, so that’s where I’m off to next. Plus, The Secret Celebrity Tour (more later …). I wrote up each meeting and have asked each person to okay what I wrote. I’ll publish the approved ones in the next couple days.

Side note: though the Advice Tour is about focusing and selecting the ideas to work on now, and it’s doing that, I’m also finding that I’m suddenly bursting with new, really good ideas. That’s a good sign, and I’m going to start up the long-planned Idea Bin soon. Stay tuned.

As a result of the meetings I’ve had so far, I’ve decided to concentrate on only five initiatives. A victory, actually, of narrowing down.

Here’s a little on each one. Briefly. Briefly. I’m trying to learn to be brief. Succinct. To the point. Condensed. Not so wordy, restrained …

Struggling ...

Struggling …

TDICR This Day in Civil Rights. An online database of civil rights history created and run by young people from Northern Westchester. All the American struggles for civil rights will be included. It is good and right to keep the history of these struggles living. It’s good to increase the number of people who understand that ordinary people, united and working together, can actually accomplish real change. That it’s happened over and over in our actual history. As a project, it’s concrete, understandable and easy to explain. And because it’s educational and centered on many fights for freedom and justice, it will be easier to find allies and partners.
LHOP Little House on the Planet. The ongoing radio drama (podcast) about the accelerating engagement of ordinary and not so ordinary citizens in a suburban county just north of NYC. It’ll be created and produced by people I know, some of whom I haven’t met yet. The characters will be based on real life people. And the real life people will participate in the creative process somewhere along the spectrum from occasional consultant to writer & actor. The primary purpose is to provide examples of passionate people matching their capabilities to what the world needs. And because we get to make it up, their efforts will have more traction and success than they have gotten (so far) in the real world.
A little house. On a planet.

A little house. On a planet.

The Communications Arts ...

The Communications Arts …

Advertising, PR, Marketing and Social Media I’m going out into the world to beat the drum for professionals interested in applying their skills to the work of NW4BT. I’m developing a five minute presentation that I’ll take around about Howard Luck Gossage and working for the public interest. I’m seeking out communications people who believe in transformation work and are willing to pitch in. Particularly people who have retired or who are starting to plan for retirement. And the young and hungry.
Sketches toward community Rather than the exhaustive clearinghouse idea, I will create and support community with individual human-sized initiatives rather than big “general public” endeavors. I’ve got a bunch of ideas. Watch this space.


Writing what you need when you need it ...

Writing what you need when you need it …

Freelance I’m convinced NW4BT will find its revenue model. And I’m confident money won’t happen immediately. Every Advice Tour meeting touched on the money issue. And I’ve pitched the idea of doing freelance writing for money starting now. I’ve gotten a few nibbles and some interesting avenues to pursue. I’ve got lots of ideas, including Women Who Stare at Fracking, a multi-installment set of portraits of the fascinating and unstoppable women I’ve met. That needs a home. I can write social media content for transformation workers, or program materials, and oh, so many things. Please help me get this started.

Those are the five areas. If you have the tiniest impulse to comment, suggest, advice, participate — fan that spark into a flame and get in touch. Comment here, email, call …

I’m really enjoying the Advice Tour. It’s giving me focus and broad spectrum reality checks. And it’s teaching me to occupy a space in the world as a serious person doing real and interesting things that will make an actual contribution to the better tomorrow we know in our hearts is possible.

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