Building a Better Tomorrow #4 — Advice Tour Week 2 Part 1


Lost and Confused a

That Way!

The Advice Tour has put its 2nd week to bed. And what a week it was. 7 meetings since the last report. I’m toppling with gratitude for each & every one. Thought provoking, valuable.

What do you do, you know? Do you know?

What? What do you do?

The plan that seemed so bullet-proof no longer seems that way. That’s what was supposed to happen. It’s changing, and I’m not sure exactly how. I’m going to write the wrap up for last week, but I’m not going to post it yesterday morning or even today. But soon and for the rest of your life. A summary of each meeting. How my thinking’s changing.

So, a comfort zone and a twilight zone walk into a bar ...

Makes sense really, you think about it.

If you’re following along at home you know I didn’t post yesterday or even today. Since the point of the Tour is to get to where I don’t know what I’m doing, it’s working. Stay tuned.

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