Building a Better Tomorrow #1 — The Advice Tour


Starting up. 5 years. See the brochure Here

The Advice Tour has begun! If you don’t know what that is, don’t worry. I’ll explain.

gearsI’ve been working hard for the last 5 years.

I learned, met people, witnessed people working hard for transformation and wrote about them. I created a theatrical performance about climate change (and later a comedy one-act) and a community fracking conversation, hosted a planetary emergency potluck. Started a website, did a lot of writing.

Not quite underground like a wild potato, but quietly and with a semi-secret plan.

A process of throwing caution to the wind that takes place over 5 years might seem mis-verbed. Gently exposing caution to the wind?

At any rate, caution’s in the wind now. The day has arrived. The advice tour has begun. Some people have already agreed to be stops on the tour.

Advice about what?

fish-small-eat-big1Something has to change. About our whole deal. For the sake of all of us, people yet unborn, nearly all the living things in our biosphere. There’s huge needs for new paradigms.

Given the needs, in my kind of moral calculus the only acceptable course is to dedicate oneself to fighting for change, and for change in a hurry.

When something is actually required, these are important questions: “Do you understand what needs to be done?” and “Are you willing to try?” These are less important: “How well suited are you?” and “How much do you want to?”

The Advice Tour is: I articulate my plan (I did that. Here is the brochure that lays it all out). I then contact people on my list of possible advisors and ask for a brief meeting at their convenience, where they provide feedback, critique, suggestions and possibly assistance. At each stop of the tour, I write up the meeting (with permission) and post it so all the world can follow along at home.

nw4bt logoThe Plan is: I started an organization called Northern Westchester for a Better Tomorrow. NW4BT brings together progressive, activist, and dissenting voices and groups. NW4BT recruits people to support these groups, to help them, and to show up. NW4BT finds people and companies with skills and resources and convinces them to pitch in. NW4BT provides one-stop shopping for all the issues, who’s doing what when, and ongoing news from the frontlines. Plus, cultural and educational programs. Oh, and synergy. And joint ventures. And it’s designed to be adjusted and replicated in other communities. The brochure I mentioned earlier explains it all. You can see it here.

I’m creating infrastructure to support transformation work. Enough people are teetering on the brink of willingness to engage with such work that something new is ready to happen. We’re living in a super-saturated solution. I’m designing nucleation sites. We won’t know how many we are or how powerful we can be until something makes it known to us.

Why advice?

I’ve met a lot of people who know a lot about many different things and are working on the side of the angels.

Seth Godin says “thrash early.” Change the structure, strategy, tactics, design, and priorities early. It only gets harder and more expensive to change from now on. (He says that in Startup School, which you can hear for free here. [] So far I’ve listened to all 15 episodes 3 times.

The NW4BT story is a romantic story. Semi-naïve and no-longer-quite-so-young man sets off on a quest to save the world. I’m not well-suited to succeed at this. On the other hand, I’m very well-suited to try. And I’ve been working for a lot longer than 5 years to get better suited.

It’s about advice, and also transparency. I’ll be telling the story as it’s unfolding. You’ll see my progress, my excitement, and my challenges.

You can be part of it

Ready set plan! I mean, go! Ready set think. No, go! Ready set go!

radio radioYou may already be on the list. Or maybe you’d like to be. I’ll call, email, send you a brochure. We’ll talk. Twenty minutes, at your total convenience. I’ll travel, spring for your favorite breakfast, get up early, stay up late.

I’m working hard, and leveraging all I can get my hands on, to make this new thing work. For all the reasons. I’m asking for help, and I’m hoping you’re one of the people who will help me out by being a stop on my first ever Advice Tour. That is all.

1 comment to Building a Better Tomorrow #1 — The Advice Tour

  • Michael Amendolara

    Hi Paul,
    I like the sound of this. Please contact me at 718 775 5166 or email me. Evenings around 9:00 are usually good for me. If you are in the city it would be fun to meet up.

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