The Next Four Years


Baby Giraffe

Baby Giraffe

A bad and scary night. A bad and scary morning. And the more you think about it, the worse it gets. The Republicans have tremendous new power, and they were doing pretty well already. What might happen? Kristallnacht references aren’t too out of line. There are going to be manifestations of Brownshirts and intolerance and violence, and we must stand against them.

Here’s some of what I say.

This election was not accomplished by “the country”, the voters, or a plurality. Very intentional and specific gerrymandering successes and voter techniques, especially in North Carolina, Ohio, Wisconsin, and Florida gave Republicans more than enough of an edge to swing the election. More people voted for Clinton than Trump. If she’d won the electoral college people like us wouldn’t have such an urge to say, “I don’t recognize this country any more.”

Love trumps hate. We have to come together, love and protect each other, and learn, and create our own brand of Anti-Fascist League. A deeply compassionate one.

The Anti-Fascist League needs to be an enormous coalition, like there’s never been. If we’re serious about Never Again, then now is the time to work. And that not only includes the obvious coalitions, but also the energy healers, the vibration-perceivers, the gratitude believers, those who manifest hidden energies. We are working at an enormous political disadvantage, because they have captured all the levers of government, all the checks and balances. It’s going to have to be a project we all sign on for, or we’ll leave all that power and destructive potential unchallenged in the hands of dangerous lunatics.

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