Second From Anti-Corruption Guy

Jim Crow in Florida

All that is old is new again ...

Today is an even numbered day, and today is Anti-Corruption Guy.

And, unending patience is at last rewarded, we have now made it through the 19-topic rotation one time! [took 90 days but hey, it’s a process!]

So, voter fraud, Jimmy Crow, (the latest Doonsebury series, available here — where would be without G B Trudeau’s decades of work?), people how do not cease but to speak against corruption: Lee Camp, Derrick Jensen, Naomi Wolf, Bill McKibben and his organization, Citizens United, clearing the temple.


Clean out years of filth ...

I’m increasingly understanding my role, or one of my voices, as some kind of stand-in, an intermediary. I can feel in myself enough of some of the deeper experiences of being a person in my demographic. What’s the experience of the “we” I mean when I say that? We all know what’s really happening, more or less. That there’s such a thing as climate change and nothing’s happening about it, and that leaves a massive aching empty place of acquiescence to catastrophe that, if we really feel it, permeates all our tissues and bones. That we’ve almost certainly lost control of our political process to overpowering monied interests and people who, almost without exception, do not represent us and are not working to create the kind of country we want to live in. That though we (the (nominally) Christians & many non-Christians) admire Jesus’ message about what’s important and how to live and wish we could live more as he recommends, with or without the theology, we are horrified that a nation calling itself Christian can live the way we do, get up to what we get up to. And that he cleansed the temple, that there’s some sense in that story that it’s inevitable, that corruption, like rust, never sleeps. And what’s up with Hercules and the Augean stables?* It’s almost like this has always been true. And it’s hard to take, spending any time at all in this territory. It hurts and there’s a kind of swooning sense of impossibility and helplessness, and then our lives reassert themselves and we’ve got 27 hours of trying to deal – with getting our own little corner of the universe and to come out halfway okay – to cram into 24 hours worth of day, and we’re swept back out to sea where our feet never touch bottom. And some number of us hang on to some slender reed, some effort to make something, at least, a little better, to maintain our courage, to not look away, some way in which we actually are fighting the good fight.

* This is one painter’s interpretation. He’s really good, you should check him out. And he has some nice comics too, in a variety of styles. Sometimes I wish I were a painter, seems so much calmer and more human somehow. Maybe next time. Or I wish had some friends who were painters.

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  • Your wife

    Good work mr stark! Love the integration of art, spirit and what we do. What is done. Makes me think of “he who hath not sinned cast the first stone” and then the stoning scene from “the great leader “. What do you do with human frailty; especially when it is hurting you or those you love. Which is basically all the time. Hmmmm. What a planet. Haiku – o- ramma- ton- ville. xo

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