About Me

About Me!

About Me!

I’m always looking for more paying work as a writer. I’m always looking for more paying work as a writer. I’m experienced and good at writing copy, corporate communications, and articles, as well as blogging, and producing website content, small business PR, agency work and social media campaigns. I also do commission work for individuals, including resumes, poetry, profiles, affirmations and branding.

I blog and do creative writing work for free. I’ve been blogging on a wide variety of topics for the last six months and am gradually attracting readers. I am making nearly steady progress on a musical (Depraved Indifference), a short story series (Pharma Alien Future), a play (On the Lawn) and some poetry. And I’m planning to do it for free only until I start getting paid for it.

I’m interested in green issues, climate change, political activism and community. I began a website which was intended to be a grassroots climate change hub, and I’m hoping to loop back around to doing some kind of climate change work. I wrote a theatre/variety piece on climate change that I’m letting people produce for free. I’ve been doing some political writing, and I want to organize some community activities before too very long.

I’ve had a pretty strange career. I started in publishing, wrote and published four books, then worked in investment banking. I then spent many years as a contract database system developer. I’ve spent time as a stay-at-home dad and homeschooler, and tried to start a non-profit and made a beginning with a couple business ventures.

I’m married, am father / step-father to four kids, 27, 25, 16 and 16 years old, and live in Westchester County, NY. I grew up in the suburbs of Seattle and have one brother, a physicist who lives in New Jersey. I had spinal surgery in 1980 and lung surgery in 1999.

I was planning to become a playwright and still harbor aspirations to write for the theater. I was a National Merit Scholar and earned a double degree in English and Theater from Brown in 1981.